Meet Jalisa “The Golden Child” 
Who's Empowering Women to Freedom and Living Abundantly
Minister Jalisa Hardy is a single mom of 3 young children, licensed minister, self-published author, Human Design Expert, Spiritual Alchemist, Trauma of Money Certified Professional, a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner residing in Glen Burnie, MD. She is known as The Golden Child.

Why you might ask? It's because she defied all odds and diagnosis while in her mother’s womb. They said she would have Down syndrome, be born without a stomach, and her esophagus and wind pipe would be fused together. The nurse suggested that her mom terminate the pregnancy. Instead her mom stood on her faith and gave it over to God. She went to a revival and had them pray over her and Jalisa letting them know what the doctor said. The only thing her mom remembered was feeling like she was being lifted off of her feet and that God was pouring gold into her stomach. When she went back to the doctor, they couldn’t find anything wrong with Jalisa. As she’s leaning into her gift of healing and spiritual guidance she changed her brand to The Golden Child based off of this origin story.

The Golden Child aims to serve women who are seeking a deeper connection to their true selves, who desire to break free from limiting beliefs, and who are ready to align their financial well-being with their spiritual growth. By providing personalized insights, aligned manifestation strategies, and empowerment tools, The Golden Child is dedicated to supporting women in taking control of their destiny and living a life of limitless abundance.

Minister Jalisa has been featured in Women of The City, The Dragonfly, M.O.V.E Magazine, Voyage Baltimore, and CanvasRebel Magazines. She has been featured on countless podcasts. In connecting with Jalisa, you will be refreshed by her love for people and her desire to positively impact every person she comes in contact with. She wants you to know that whatever you need to truly heal, “It’s all in you!”


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Results Speak for Themselves

T. Kopeck

"Working with Jalisa has been an incredibly transformative experience for me. Her expertise in Human Design is matched only by her genuine warmth and compassion. From the moment I met Jalisa, I felt an instant sense of trust and comfort, which allowed me to open up and share deeply personal aspects of my life with her. Jalisa's intelligence and intuitive nature make her exceptionally skilled at guiding others through their own journey of self-discovery. Her passion for Human Design is palpable, and it's clear that she truly cares about helping her clients unlock their fullest potential. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jalisa and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity, guidance, and personal growth."

K. Guyton

“I am really pleased with the results and recommendations for supplements as a result of my analysis. I especially appreciate the mindfulness practice used to help focus our sessions and the holistic approach connected to medical care. Very happy!”

K. Stephenson

“As a divorced, mother of two sons, I particularly identified with the concepts that the book lays out. My only disappointment is that I didn’t have this manual 10 years ago when I faced one of the most traumatic and heart-breaking times in my own life. I firmly believe if I would have had this blueprint, my journey to healing from the pain of betrayal and divorce would have been easier.”