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In a short amount of time, less than a year I went from having suicidal ideations, anger, anxiety, stress, tension, lack of motivation, unhealthy habits, negative mindset, lack of love for myself and overall disconnect from relationships that could support my healing journey.

I started to get intentional about my relationships, I found a new therapist, got deeper into the Word and prayer, started journaling more, making my bed daily, reading, and being vulnerable about what I was going through. 
As a Result...

 I've paid off all my debt (minus student loans, but I'm believing for the Student Debt Forgiveness)
I've been releasing weight with ease naturally
I have a closer relationship with God than ever before
I have so much clarity in my business
I am more present and patient with my kids
Money comes to me from unexpected places, in unexpected ways

This is only the surface and a few things that releasing and resetting my relationships has done for my life.

I want you to experience the peace, pleasure and purpose that this has afforded me. 

Are you ready to experience more peace?

Are you ready to have more play and pleasure in your life?

Are you ready to uncover your true purpose and create the life of your dreams?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Then, I invite you to join me in She’s Ready Society!

She's Ready Society is a membership community for single moms who want to achieve more time freedom, financial freedom, self-love, a new and healthy love, and peace of mind

Our community provides the support, resources, and tools you need to overcome the challenges of single motherhood and create the life you desire and deserve
You will get...

1 individual coaching sessions with me where we’ll assess where you are and where you desire to go in your relationships
A monthly group coaching session
A 30 Day group cleanse
An accountability partner mixer
A private Membership Area with access to it via an App: Check-in post throughout the month
Monthly training content based off The Freedom Framework

 First 3 people to sign up will get access to Positive Prime a platform that sets your mind on positivity for 6-8 hours with just a 3 minute session
A pdf copy of my book “It’s All in Me!” My Journey to Freedom & Living Abundantly

Founding member's Price $99/month For the first two weeks
Then $157/month

You will receive an immediate email
with your login instructions!