By God's Design
What to Expect:
- Divine Connection: We start with prayer requests to set a sacred tone and conclude with a prayer, enveloping our time together in grace.
- Exclusive Offers: Be the first to hear about unique offers from Jalisa The Golden Child that can further your personal and spiritual development.
- Human Design Insights: Receive your chart and learn the fundamentals of Human Design, energy types, and decision-making authorities.
- Interactive Exchange: Opportunity for feedback, sharing your own offers, and forging valuable connections.
- Enlightening Q&A: Have your burning questions answered and gain deeper insight.

Benefits of Joining:
- Uncover the spiritual and practical aspects of your unique Human Design.
- Receive tailored advice and spiritual guidance.
- Enjoy giveaways that enhance your journey.
- Form meaningful connections within a supportive community.

Who It’s For:
- Anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual understanding.
- Individuals curious about Human Design and how it can impact their lives.
- People looking to connect with others on a similar path.

Who It’s Not For:
- Those not open to integrating spirituality and personal development.
- Skeptics of Human Design or spiritual practices.Don't miss this chance to explore "By God’s Design" and align with your true self. Secure your spot now for just $22 and prepare for an evening of discovery and divine connection!