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through her Freedom Framework, the 5 F's.
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Meet the Minister, Author, and Holistic Health Practitioner
Who's Supporting Women to Freedom and Living Abundantly
Minister Jalisa Hardy is a single mom of 3 young children, licensed minister, self-published author, group relationship coach and a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner residing in Glen Burnie, MD. She is known as the Holistic Health Plug.

Why you might ask? It's because she provides resources, tools, and safe spaces to empower families with children to recreate and reimagine their lives to provide safe, loving, and happy homes for their children.

Her mission is to create a community of women living lives of purpose, pleasure, and peace using her Freedom Framework. The community will be a collaborative space for growth and healing for the members and their families.

The Freedom framework comes from her debut book, “It’s All in Me! - My Journey to Freedom and Living Abundantly”, self- published in February of 2018. In her book, she shares her story of how she overcame all of her trauma, tragedies, trials, and tribulations using her Framework and shows you how to use it to do the same.

Minister Jalisa has been featured in Women of The City, The Dragonfly, M.O.V.E,  VoyageBaltmore, and CanvasRebel Magazines. In connecting with Jalisa, you will be refreshed by her love for people and her desire to positively impact every person she comes in contact with. She wants you to know that whatever you need to truly heal, “It’s all in you!”
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In my book, It's All In Me, I share my story of how I overcame many hardships using My Five F's to Freedom. Through my hardships, I learned that I have everything I need to succeed. I am free. I am whole. I am capable. IT'S ALL IN ME! 

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Results Speak for Themselves
S. Haywood

“Jalisa did an amazing job walking me through the self-publishing and book writing process! We scheduled a session and I was able to outline my goals and right away she had suggestions and resources to make them a reality! If you’re writing a book or looking to self-publish, you need to schedule a session with Jalisa today!"

K. Guyton

“I am really pleased with the results and recommendations for supplements as a result of my analysis. I especially appreciate the mindfulness practice used to help focus our sessions and the holistic approach connected to medical care. Very happy!”

K. Stephenson

“As a divorced, mother of two sons, I particularly identified with the concepts that the book lays out. My only disappointment is that I didn’t have this manual 10 years ago when I faced one of the most traumatic and heart-breaking times in my own life. I firmly believe if I would have had this blueprint, my journey to healing from the pain of betrayal and divorce would have been easier.”