Your Step By Step Guide to Self-Publish a Planner or Journal (The Way We Did It)
1. Conceptualization and Research
- Conceive the idea for a transformative life planner focused on self-discovery.
- Conduct research on themes such as spirituality, mindfulness, and personal growth.
- If you already have a framework, use ChatGPT for ideas on how to turn it into a planner or journal

2. Content Creation
- Develop the content, including writing prompts, quotes, and exercises to inspire growth.
- Ensure that each page of the planner is intentionally crafted for self-reflection.

3. Design and Layout
- Collaborate on the design, creating visually appealing and functional layouts.
-  Finalize the design elements, making sure they reflect the planner's purpose and values.

4. Manuscript Preparation
- It’s VERY important to set up your Amazon KDP account to access their guidelines for formatting before beginning to design (We didn't and had to go back and reformat to fit their specifications.) 
- Compile and format the content and design into a complete manuscript suitable for printing.
- Review and edit the manuscript to ensure accuracy and coherence.

5. Amazon KDP Account Setup
- Set up an account on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for self-publishing the planner.

6. Cover Design
- Design both the front and back covers, ensuring they were attractive and representative of the planner's content. This video helped with the cover formatting and understanding the process: Create a KDP Planner to Sell on Amazon for FREE
- Again be mindful of the formatting and document type required for Amazon KDP.

7. Uploading to Amazon KDP
- Uploaded the final manuscript and cover design files to Amazon KDP.
- Selected the paperback and hardcover options for the planner's physical formats.
- You have the option to do an ebook in order to take pre-orders but for our planner, it’s best to have a physical copy so we opted out of doing an ebook version. This is the only way to take pre-orders using Amazon KDP. 
- Also, uploading the version we had as a pdf was very distorted when we uploaded it to Amazon KDP. 

8. KDP Publishing Settings
- Enter the planner’s details, including title, description, keywords, and pricing, into the KDP platform.
- Choose the distribution channels and territories where the planner would be available.

9. Review and Approval
- Submit the planner for Amazon's review process, ensuring it meets all the required specifications.
- Make necessary adjustments based on feedback from the KDP review process.
- Order proof copies of each print format so you can see how it looks for yourself.

10. Publication
- Wait for the approval of the final version of the planner for publication on Amazon.
- Set a release date and publish the planner, making it available for sale on Amazon in both paperback and hardcover formats. (We’re still figuring this one out)
- Our planner took much less time than expected to be approved and we started marketing it right away. Decide on how you want to launch your planner beforehand.

11. Marketing and Promotion
- Announce the launch of the planner through a blog post and other marketing channels.
- Engage with the community to promote the planner and its transformative potential.

12. Reflection and Gratitude
- Holding the finished product, you might feel a range of emotions.  There may be feelings of joy and gratitude for the opportunity to impact lives. There also may be feelings of overwhelm and anxiousness due to not knowing what will happen next. Embrace them all and continue to show up for yourself and your new creation.
- Share your journey with us and your community, and invite us to join in your path to a more intentional life.

By following these steps, the 30-Day C.A.L.M Life planner was successfully self-published on Amazon and made available to individuals seeking guidance on their journey to personal fulfillment and mindfulness. 

This is just ONE WAY of doing it. Find the way that works for you! It won’t take as long as you think or be as hard as you think, ESPECIALLY if you’re not doing it alone! If you have any questions, reach out to us at

We hope this was supportive for you! We love you, we see you, and we’re so proud of you!!! 


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